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Content Strategy

Content Strategy

In today’s online world (and offline, for that matter), the amount of content stimulus consumers face is overwhelming. Push-oriented marketers are still trying to shout out as loud and as often as possible. Without a clear view of both your goals and the needs of your target audience, you will lose the race.

What Is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is a steering document that aligns your brands corporate and strategic objectives with an effective marketing communications plan. Simplified, we will outline

  • what to say
  • where to say
  • when to say
  • how to say it

The Strategy defines your ‘brand personality’ and provides a framework for communication, so the brand is perceived as intended.

The strategy is based upon an existing business strategy. It defines the strategic goals of content and the means to reach them. It provides guidance for content producers on how to create consistent messaging and tone of voice. It also creates understanding of how you should present your brand throughout the content ecosystem, and to whom you should be talking to.

Why Should You Have a Content Strategy?

Content marketing based on strategy, customer understanding and data enhances customer experience and improves the bottom line. It enables companies to build thought leadership, build employer brand, manage brand or reputation and raise awareness and visibility, increase sales, and produce leads.

It’s also a tool to align multiple production teams across the organization, external partners, content creators and channel managers.

How Is a Content Strategy Done?

A content strategy combines business goals and customer needs. It’s founded on qualitative and quantitative data, analytics and search behavior.

We examine the existing brand, sales strategy and other high-level strategic business objectives, in order to build an overarching communications platform, which will be used to engage and attract the correct create target audience for the brand.

We believe in close cooperation with our clients, and we implement workshop methods into the process, in order to get the Strategy in line with business objectives and ensure that it becomes a functional and fully operational steering document.

Why Nordic Morning?

Our expertise in both strategic thinking and operational execution capabilities ensure that our take on Content Strategy work is both business and production aligned. We know how to talk business, but we also know how today's digital channels work.

We integrate our top-of-the-line expertise in design thinking, digital business knowledge and marketing understanding. This will ensure a truly effective strategy document.

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Content Strategy is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Content is the key keeping brand together while running the digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, the content needs to be build and run from customer centric and data driven point of view. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to have content that is done according to your brand values and tone of voice, is personalised based on customer needs, can be scaled easily, is visible in search engines and engaging in social media.

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