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Analytics and Data Strategy

Organizations produce data at an exponential rate. Data analytics is there to create meaningful insights out of mountains of data. Good analytics and data strategy lay the foundation for successful transformation from a traditional to a data-driven organization.

Why Do You Need Analytics and Data Strategy?

Leaders in most successful organizations are breaking down internal silos, promoting collaboration and data-driven decision making. Biggest obstacles to using data insights are organizational capabilities, such as a lack of education and training in using analytics tools, organizational silos (data or insights are available only for few employees or data is heavily siloed), culture which is not supporting data in decision-making process, and a lack of clear steps in the transformation journey.

We Can Help You Build Analytics and Data Strategy:

  1. Finding out the current state of analytics and data use
  2. Identifying and building organizational capabilities
  3. Making right technology choices
  4. Creating agile analytics processes
  5. Improving data availability and empowering employees
  6. Improving data collection and data consistency
  7. Innovating towards data use in the day-to-day work

    Why Nordic Morning?

    We are helping the leading Nordic companies to transform their traditional decision-making process into a data-driven one. Thanks to over 300 experts of ours in a wide range of popular technologies, we have a wide data and analytics expertise all the way from business consultancy to data science.

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Analytics and Data Strategy is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Organizational Capabilities

One of the toughest changes to make happen while building and running the digital growth engine is teaching new competences and renewing processes within organisations. The solutions from our four key offering areas allow you to create customer centric and data driven processes in your organisation as well as develop the needed competences for your employees.

Data & Customer Insights

The better the technological infrastructure, the easier it is to make quantitative research and insights. These insights give an understanding about how customers have behaved but not necessarily why they behaved in a certain way. That is why also qualitative research and insights are needed to build and run digital growth engine. By combining quantitative and qualitative insights provided by solutions in our four key offering areas, you are able to be truly customer centric and data driven.

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