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3rd Party Targeting Data

Using 3rd-party data enables you to target your campaigns only to relevant customers, and it can increase your return of advertising spend (ROAS) drastically. With hundreds of third-party data providers offering thousands of segments, navigating this ecosystem can seem quite a daunting task.

What Data Should You Use?

Many third-party data segments sound perfect, but the results can often be disappointing – due to a lack of inventory in your market or not knowing the exact source of the data. Data quality is just as important as quantity.

Identify Your Converters

By analyzing your existing converters and seeing to which third-party audience lists they also belong, we are able to identify the most relevant third-party data lists for you. Keeping in mind, though, that third-party data only gives some additional insights about a user; it is the appearance in brand-safe environments which are a good match for your customer that is still the key to a successful campaign.

Get Started with Our Help

We at Nordic Morning have excellent relations with the main local and regional data owners, and we can leverage this partnership to identify and access the best third-party segments for you. Our data analysts can help you to identify and match well-converting segments with suitable 3rd-party data vendors.

In addition to the publicly available third-party data providers and segments, there are custom and private segments that can only be accessed through negotiation.

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3rd Party Targeting Data is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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The better the content, the easier the distribution of the content in all media while running the digital growth engine. Customer centric and data driven content provides excellent possibilities to earn media and have visibility for your own media but paid media is also needed to scale the business. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to scale your business in all media efficiently.

Data & Customer Insights

The better the technological infrastructure, the easier it is to make quantitative research and insights. These insights give an understanding about how customers have behaved but not necessarily why they behaved in a certain way. That is why also qualitative research and insights are needed to build and run digital growth engine. By combining quantitative and qualitative insights provided by solutions in our four key offering areas, you are able to be truly customer centric and data driven.

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