Vi är contentbyrån som skapar strategiskt och engagerande innehåll för alla kanaler.

Vi är contentbyrån som skapar strategiskt och engagerande innehåll för alla kanaler.

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How to make your content go far

Debby Elovsson  2015-06-25

Believe me, your content is so much more than ‘just an article.’ So when I hear things like: “It’s only an article” or “There’s no value in just an article,” I cringe, because nothing is farther from the truth if you know what you’re doing.

What value can be found in a single article? I’m not talking about the kind of informational fact-telling pieces that some consider the only true kind of journalism. What I’m talking about are the kinds of literary articles that grab the reader and are worthy of Pulitzer prizes (think Joan Didion, and Truman Capote). Once you have an article of that caliber, you have a great story and access to a really smart piece of content in your hands.

So let’s think back to that article again… How can you “work it”? What more could you get out of it for a fraction of the effort it would take to pull new topics out of thin air?

For one, an article is typically linked to a larger content strategy or other sort of plan, designed to carry a message to a particular group of people. Let’s start there…

You plan your article by doing some research and possibly using some background material from your client. You’ve probably conducted an interview or two. You’ve killed some darlings along the way – cutting bits that do nothing for the story – and abracadabra, it’s an article on your website.

Don’t stop there. Look at the darlings you’ve killed. Is it necessary logocide (sorry, Faulkner), and are they truly of no use? Or is there something in those deletions that you could reuse elsewhere to promote your article in some way? Could you rework them into new ideas for pieces of content in their own right? Is there a way to illustrate any part of the article, or the parts you eliminated in the editing process?

Can you chop your article up into pieces and create other types of content, such as a sound clip or a short video? Think of all the options available through social media… If the article is to be published by a company internally, is there anything in it that can make its way into outside world – or vice versa?

There possibilities are endless – which is why an article contains a lot of value, and should never be viewed as “just an article”. Think of it more as smart content. A good editor will be able to explore the alternatives and map your content in the best way possible.

Learn more about how you can smarten up your content; my colleague Marney expanded on the notion of smart content earlier this year in Good Content is Good. Smart Content is Better.

And this article from the Content Marketing Institute provides a nice step-by-step guide to how you can explore ways to get more out of a single piece of content.

Citat och JG Communication bildar ny unik contentbyrå

JG Communication  2015-06-10

Två av nordens största byråer, Citat och JG Communication, fusioneras i september och bildar tillsammans en ny sorts contentbyrå – Sitrus Agency.
— Branschen förändras snabbt och för kunderna blir gränserna mellan discipliner som reklam och content alltmer irrelevanta. Vi ser därför en fantastisk möjlighet att skapa ett unikt erbjudande som spänner över hela kundresan från kännedom till aktivering, säger Christian Sahlgren, blivande VD för Sitrus.
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