Vi är contentbyrån som skapar strategiskt och engagerande innehåll för alla kanaler.

Vi är contentbyrån som skapar strategiskt och engagerande innehåll för alla kanaler.

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Why are some businesses not getting the most out of their social media?

Pixie Sartang  2014-09-18

Picture this… Homer Simpson sprawled out on the sofa in his underpants, snoring… that’s what my parents think I do. My friends think I spend my time hanging out with Google, and generally just being cool. When the business world thinks social media they think Zuckerberg, and personally, I think I’m a warrior armed with a laptop.

The truth… social media is a bit of everything. It requires an understanding of people, statistics, language, news, philosophy, business, motivation, finance, networks and the law – topped off with a lot of common sense.

In reality, I spend my day analyzing data, cutting up target groups, planning, messaging, managing crises, measuring impact and creating ways to build relationships with lots of different people using bite-sized to blog-sized pieces of content – all in a coherent and consistent way.

From what I’ve experienced, my feeling is that businesses often get too drawn into where they should be making a statement instead of focusing on what it is they want to say, who they want to say it to and preparing for feedback. I tend to get a lot of questions about channels – Twitter, FB, LI, Instagram and so on, rather than what I want to hear from my customers, which is something along the lines of: “I want teenagers to tell us how they use technology to reduce their energy power consumption”. This would be a good way for a brand to establish itself as concerned with sustainability – shaping a future target audience.

People tend to do business with people, and more specifically with people they trust, and this is the real strong point of social media… social media is all about networks. And people are more likely to listen to, or act on a recommendation from someone they are connected to than a faceless organization.

So, it’s less about channels and more about the content you put in it and how you react to your customers’ comments.

The same channel can be used in lots of different ways… for one customer who wanted to target a specific group of influencers we created a Twitter account with content that would raise the interest of just those people. For another customer we used Twitter to create some noise – this works quite well if want to reach a new target audience who has no idea who you are or what you do. In another case, we used a Twitter feed to attract new talent.

I think the greatest misconception about social media is that it is for free. It costs money and a lot of it if you haven’t done any contingency planning. You need to spend time figuring out what strategy fits your organization right now, plan content, create content that’s interesting, monitor your channel daily, give feedback and build relationships.

So, if you want to get the most from your dollars spent, my advice is: do your homework. Figure out your strategy and build up your matrix: what audiences, which messages, when, where, monitor, measure impact, give feedback, re-plan, keep measuring and keep tweaking. And so on until your target audience changes or you change.

Mobilberoende – folksjukdom?

Ida Andersson  2014-08-19

På ett frukostseminarium häromdagen redogjorde en medelålders man för hur en vecka utan smartphone hade sett ut.  Mannen pratade ivrigt om att det minsann är något han ”aldrig kommer göra om”. Vidare sa han saker som ”tänk dig att lyssna på din egen andning, i stället för musik, när du är ute och springer. Jobbigt.” Mobilberoende? Ja, men han är knappast ensam. Läs hela artikeln

Why Tumblr is ahead of the game

Nathan Hegedus  2014-05-27

Don’t ignore Tumblr.  Yes, in some circles, the social media platform has a reputation as a less professional network that reaches only niche audiences, especially outside the US. And as with any stereotype, there may be some truth to this. But there can be huge payoffs to engaging on Tumblr, especially for visual and youth-oriented campaigns. Läs hela artikeln

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